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Your Suite of Solutions
For Every Talent Need

As a leader in the assessment industry, the PXT Select™ suite of assessments provides talent management
tools that help leaders and managers collect accurate, objective, and reliable data to select, manage,
develop, and retain employees that drive results. The PXT Select suite of assessments offers several solutions
to the most common employee-related challenges as well as personalized, actionable insights to increase
employee productivity and improve performance. Hire smarter and engage your talent fully with PXT Select.

The PXT Select™ Assessment

Making the wrong talent decision hurts. By
providing reliable, objective, and accurate
data, the PXT Select assessment allows your
organization to hire and engage productive
employees with confidence. As a “full
person” assessment, it measures how well
an individual fits specific jobs by assessing
their Cognitive Ability, Behavioral Traits, and
Interests. The tool can be used for hiring,
onboarding, coaching and development,
team design, and succession planning.

Step One Survey® Assessment

Employee fraud and theft robs American
businesses of over $50 billion annually—
negatively impacting their bottom line.
Fortunately, there’s Step One Survey®. This
powerful assessment provides insightful
information that businesses can use for hiring
employees who are honest, reliable, and
hardworking. By measuring an individual’s
basic work-related values early in the candidate
selection process, this tool helps find the
right people to contribute to a company’s
success—not jeopardize its future.

The PXT Select™ Non-Cognitive Assessment

You need objective, reliable, and accurate data to
hire and develop the right people. But you also
need flexibility in determining which skills and
traits to measure for predicting job success. That’s
what the PXT Select™ Non-Cognitive assessment
is for. It measures Behavioral Traits and Interests,
allowing managers to evaluate Job-Person Fit
based on soft skills and cultural fit. Because
it doesn’t measure cognition, it is shorter and
simpler than the full version of the PXT Select
assessment. The tool can be used for hiring and
selection, coaching, development, and more.

Customer Service Profile™ Assessment

A poor customer service experience can impact
your organization’s reputation and results. So,
how do you deliver brand experiences that win
customer loyalty? The Customer Service Profile™
assessment provides valuable information to
identify and develop people with the traits and
skills to excel in customer service roles. It helps
minimize the cost of bad hires by measuring how
well a person’s customer service-oriented traits fit
specific customer service roles. It can be used for
selecting, onboarding, and managing customer-facing employees in a wide variety of industries.

CheckPoint 360°™ Survey

Organizations rely on the skills and abilities of
their managers and leaders to chart a course
towards success. To hone those crucial skills
and abilities, managers and leaders need an
understanding of their strengths and where
they have room to grow. That’s where the
CheckPoint 360°™ survey can help. It evaluates
the effectiveness of managers and leaders and
provides a personalized approach for developing
leadership skills and improving job performance.
The survey combines feedback from direct
reports, peers, supervisors, and others who
work with your leaders to measure performance
across eight key management competencies. It
can be used to identify talents and talent gaps
and build personalized development plans.


Profiles Assessment Center™

You need objective and accurate data to make
smart talent decisions. But if the assessment
results you need can’t be easily accessed, how
well can you use that information? We store all the
personalized information gathered through any
of our tools in the Profiles Assessment Center™
platform so that it’s easy to manage, schedule,
and deliver—all from one secure, accessible
location. So, forget having to compile and keep
track of a forest’s worth of paper assessments
and reports. Instead, tap into the information you
need to make smart, confident talent decisions
from the convenience of your computer.

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