Expert Practitioner
Certification Overview

For Talent Management Experts,
HR Executives, & Decision Makers

Become a Certified Expert Practitioner
& Get the Most Out of PXT Select™

You know the value of PXT Select™
extends well beyond hiring. You’ve
witnessed how it amplifies your ability
to make informed talent decisions that
drive results and support individuals for
long-term success and engagement.
You realize that when people fit
their roles and have the support
they need to excel, your company’s
foundation grows even stronger.
So how can you maximize the benefits
of PXT Select for your organization?


Want to provide your company with the expertise and confidence it needs to make smart talent management decisions that drive business results? Become your organization’s PXT Select™ expert through PXT Select Expert Practitioner Certification and learn how to fully utilize this solution for selecting and retaining engaged and productive employees.

Through This Course, You Will Gain:

  • The skills to interpret PXT Select reports and the ability to use report results to address real-life talent management scenarios

  • A deeper understanding of the selection tools, what they measure, and how to utilize them fully in the selection process

  • The knowledge for how to apply the suite of PXT Select reports in onboarding, coaching, and developing employees for long-term success


By completing the program, you receive the credential of PXT Select Certified Practitioner. SHRM credential-holders also have the opportunity to earn 12 professional development credits (PDC) from the Society for Human Resource Management when they complete PXT Select Practitioner Certification.

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