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Serving our clients takes considerable knowledge and skills. Acquiring and managing talent in various industries requires dedication and expertise. Explore the many ways that PCG, Inc. can help your organization hire the best  talent and manage your current workforce. 

We offer customized solutions that fit your growing business' needs - not one-size-fits-all templates designed without you and your organization in mind.

Assessment tools including aptitude and skills tests, behavioral analysis, and personality assessment. PCG, Inc. can also certify individuals in your organization.
Background, education, and reference checks as well as E-Verify checks.

The PCG Advantage


"Pretium" means worth and no one understands what it means to ensure the worth of an organization's talent acquisitions and management process more than we do.


No longer are companies looking for candidates to fill roles based ONLY on resumes, interviews, skills and education. Today's organizations strive to ensure that not only are the right people in their companies, but that they are in the right roles and in the right environment. In other words, talent must fit in with the job, the culture of the company, and its leadership.

That's where we come in.

The Pretium Consultants Group, Inc. is proud to offer our clients the most extensive and complete pre-employment screening for all candidates in our searches.

Our searches include pre-employment assessments including personality and behavior screening using tools administered by certified behavior consultants and talent acquisitions specialists. This process is coupled with the workforce and HR analytics of our client companies' processes to ensure a more cost-effective and accurate search and recruitment process. 

The result?

An organizational team of highly-skilled and motivated professionals who, not only value the work they do, but also value the company in which they do it and the people with whom they work. It's all about having the right people in the right companies and in the right roles withstanding the test of time.


We call this the PCG Advantage.



PCG, Inc. serves companies and organizations nationwide who specialize in human resources, finance, accounting, technology ,engineering, and the sciences and in companies that hire professionals in these areas across the country.

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