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Talent Acquisitions and Management Consulting


Using in-depth analysis of workforce metrics and customized competency-based performance models and behavior assessments to make searching for and managing your workforce more effective, easier, and more accurate than ever before.

Building a better tech workforce through insight and innovation


…Your Certified Professionals

PCG makes use of the global 38-competency strategy offered through the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect certification. The KFLA competencies make interviewing, selection and hiring, succession planning, workforce strategy, and leadership coaching a more streamlined and high-level process throughout organizations. Learn more here...


PCG uses the personality profiling method of the People Keys Behavioral Consulting Certification - We use behavioral methods in our coaching and consulting services to ensure job, organizational culture fit, wellness initiatives, search, interviewing, and all other acquisitions and management tools. Learn more here...


PCG takes wellness very seriously when it comes to mental health in the workplace. 

…Your Trusted Advisors and Expert Practitioners

As advisors to you and your organization, PCG offers consulting and coaching customized to your organization's needs. Whether it's creating the best performance models for your hiring efforts, revising your retention strategies, or coaching current employees on improving their skills and competencies, PCG works with you to develop the best plan for your organization. Learn more here...

…Your Confident Search Partners

Search and Recruitment have long been the focus of PCG's mission since its inception in 2014. Our expertise includes search, job analysis, interviewing, assessment, selection, and onboarding throughout the first year of employment. This process has led to increased first-year retention among our clients! Learn more here...


The Pretium Consultants Group, Inc. was founded on the principle that people are the most valuable asset of any company. With this in mind, everyday our consultants strive to ensure that every client's needs are heard and met and that every candidate is matched, not only to fit the job, but to fit the business and its culture. Our consulting and placement practices are based on the idea that no two organizations are alike and that each industry is comprised of some of the most intelligent and highly-skilled professionals with unique needs and skills. 

Our vision is to therefore create a workforce of highly-motivated, productive, and happy professionals who enjoy their work and the organizations they work for. Our vision also includes creating a culture in which our client companies are guaranteed to make the best hires based on highly-specialized job skills and competencies, culture compatibility, and the potential for professional and organizational growth.

Our Vision and Mission
Partnerships and Certfications




Women and Drones


A Korn Ferry Leadership Architect Certified Organization

PeopleKeys Certified Behavioral Consultants


Certified Corporate Wellness Specialists

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